Human Resources Solutions

Koch Business Solutions employs several teams to provide Human Resources related services, including benefits, payroll and relocation, to the Koch companies – offering creative solutions and consultations for the changing needs of a large, diverse customer base. We support 40,000+ employees across the Koch companies as well as partner with our supported businesses in mergers, acquisitions, system selection and integrating new initiatives.


HR Service Center

  • Support company employees, managers and human resource personnel.
    • Employee Services Team
      • Front line support and customer service for employees
    • Manager Services Team
    • Organizational Management Team
    • HR Reporting Team
      • Delivers innovative reporting solutions and data analytics

Benefits Solutions

  • Provide strategic and administrative benefits support
    • Benefits plan development for health, welfare and retirement
    • Plan administration
    • Reporting and compliance management

Payroll Solutions

The Payroll Solutions department provides a complete line of payroll products and services for Koch and is responsible for all payroll compliance and consulting. In addition, Payroll Solutions is in charge of unemployment rates and claims management oversight for Koch vendors.

Kronos Support

Centralized time management support for various locations.

  • Accuracy insurance and improvement for employee timecard
  • Facility supervisor training
  • Identify and eliminate process waste
  • Ongoing timecard monitoring and process improvement support

International Mobility and Domestic Relocation

Our relocation team provides services for individuals temporarily assigned or permanently relocating in the domestic US, Canada and multiple international locations.

Applicant Tracking Support

Human Resources users for the Koch’s recruiting system and processes are supported by the Applicant Tracking team.

Business Office

  • HR related project management
  • Functional analysis for operational changes and merger & acquisition activity
  • HR security
  • Records management